• News Papers in Portsmouth :

    To inquire about the news in Portsmouth is simple.

    There are national newspapers:


    The Daily Telegraph (national newspaper) 

    The Guardian (national newspaper) 

    The Independent (national newspaper) 

    The Times (national newspaper) 

    The Daily Mail (national newspaper) 

    The Sun (national newspaper) 

    The Daily Mirror (national newspaper) 

    The Evening Standard (national newspaper) 

    The Economist (weekly world news) 

    The Financial Times (national newspaper for international economic and financial information)


    But there is also and especially : The News. This is the daily newspaper Portsmouth. If I stop on this journal is because I think a lot of french newspapers should have look on it. Indeed, the newspaper is dedicated to the city of Portsmouth and very active on social networks like Twitter or Facebook. In addition, I do not find it very committed or inaccessible. So I find it interesting because it allows to know concretely what happens in the city every day but also to be warned in real time when an event happened, a road is closed, a agreement has been signed etc ... It allows to be really involved in the news of the city.




    To be more general on the English newspapers, I do not find it very interesting. Indeed, the newspapers here seem much more interested by "people" than by political or economical events in the country. We see constant coverage photos of this star diet or the head of a person who is part of a news item ... To give you an example, today the person who is on newspapers covers is a person who had to pay £ 2 to an urban transport company to recover his wallet that he had forgotten in a bus... 

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  • Commentaires

    Mercredi 26 Mars 2014 à 23:01
    Dear Jules
    You could refer to the "tabloid journalism". Probably one of the best way to make quick and easy money...
    Mercredi 26 Mars 2014 à 23:38


    Yes but I think that all the newspapers are like that. even the "serious" ones look as like tabloid as the others. I understand the financial reason but I'm not sure that is good for english people who can't be easily aware about the political and economical situation of UK.

    Thank you for your visit ;)

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