• Moving in Portsmouth :

    In Portsmouth, the methods to move are manifold: 

    First of all there are your feet. Indeed, the city is not very big and it is easy to get to the main points of interest in less than an hour's walk . It is not very difficult to identify with the Spinnaker tower that can be seen everywhere in the city. In addition it is very nice to walk in these typical English street filled with houses that all look the same. The atmosphere in the streets is unique and much more relaxing than in France ( in my opinion ) .

    The second cheapest way to move ( and there the French people will be surprised ) is the cab! Indeed in Portsmouth you can cross the city for less than £ 5 ( € 6 ) . Drivers are much more pleasant , very helpful ( and you can call a taxi and jump in it 5 minutes after easily ) . However, be careful not to take any company ! I highly recommend " Aquacars " they have many telephone switchboards and the minimum prices are ridiculously low.


    Then there is the bus . The trips cost about £ 2 one way. However, unlike the French bus , there are very rare so few passages , they are slow, they constantly stop and they make large detours.


    Then there is the train. And yes again the system is not the same as in France . In Portsmouth train crosses the city from west to east before returning to the North by making few stops . So you can easily take the train to get from one point to another of the city.


    Finally with regard to the train , you should know that in England , a train trip is not expensive , trains are well maintained and there are a thousand ways to get from point A to point B. to give you an example , I went twice to Southampton by train and I never made ​​the same trip.

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