• If you are in Portsmouth, there are the main addresses you must know :

    French embassy:
    58 Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7JT

    Tel: [+44] (0) 20 70 73 1000


    Tourism office :
    (Dans le D-Day Museum)
    Clarence Esplanade
    PO5 3NT


    Police or fire/men - 999


    Cabs +44 (0) 23 92 654 321


    Chamber of Commerce
    12, Grosvenor Place
    London SW1X 7HH
    United Kingdom
    Tel: +44 20 78389363
    Fax: +44 20 72355447
    Email: info@international-chamber.co.uk
    Site Internet:


    Hopital St Mary's:
    Southwick Hill Road, Cosham,

    Portsmouth Hampshire PO6 3LY

    Tel: +44 23 9228 6000

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  • At the end of this 2013 year, we already must have a look on our future internship in a foreign country.  

    Personally, I’m going to Portsmouth UK to be sales and marketing manager of the French market for a gift experiences company.  

    The others students and me are leaving for 3 months, so we must plan that trip! We can’t just take some clothes for 1 week and let’s go! 

    So we needed to search a flat, difficulties depends of the country, but in my case in Portsmouth it’s easy. There are lots of « student houses ». There are houses that owners rent to students in internship, studies in the university etc. But you must have a look on the quality and where is the house (E.x. have a look on the number of showers and toilet for the numbers of students who are living in the house).  

    Moreover, you need to search the best way to go to your internship city. In my case, it was the car and the boat to be able to take all my luggages for 3 months. 

    You need also, to solved all the problems like the local telephone plan, the best way to move on the city and where you will be able to buy some food. Finally, you need to close your bag and that’s not the easiest step! 

    For that step, you need to find a good balance between quantity and the practical side. Because if you choose too much clothes you will not be able to move them. You need to think about clothes but also electric adapter, etc. In a unique word “good luck”! 


    Then, you need to check the local currency and have a meeting with your bank to find some solutions. 

    La préparation au départ :

    In short, leave for a foreign country during 3 months, it's something that need to be plan and still thinking that "each problem could be solved"

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