• In Portsmouth, the methods to move are manifold: 

    First of all there are your feet. Indeed, the city is not very big and it is easy to get to the main points of interest in less than an hour's walk . It is not very difficult to identify with the Spinnaker tower that can be seen everywhere in the city. In addition it is very nice to walk in these typical English street filled with houses that all look the same. The atmosphere in the streets is unique and much more relaxing than in France ( in my opinion ) .

    The second cheapest way to move ( and there the French people will be surprised ) is the cab! Indeed in Portsmouth you can cross the city for less than £ 5 ( € 6 ) . Drivers are much more pleasant , very helpful ( and you can call a taxi and jump in it 5 minutes after easily ) . However, be careful not to take any company ! I highly recommend " Aquacars " they have many telephone switchboards and the minimum prices are ridiculously low.


    Then there is the bus . The trips cost about £ 2 one way. However, unlike the French bus , there are very rare so few passages , they are slow, they constantly stop and they make large detours.


    Then there is the train. And yes again the system is not the same as in France . In Portsmouth train crosses the city from west to east before returning to the North by making few stops . So you can easily take the train to get from one point to another of the city.


    Finally with regard to the train , you should know that in England , a train trip is not expensive , trains are well maintained and there are a thousand ways to get from point A to point B. to give you an example , I went twice to Southampton by train and I never made ​​the same trip.

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  • In England, in January 2014 , there are 36,300,000 people between 16 and 64 years according to the government.

    Of these 36.3 million , it counted 25.7 million people who work and 2.1 million jobseekers.


    Three categories are used to classify people on working age :

    - English mother tongue

    - Residents fluent in English

    - Residents who speak a little bit or not English .



    Approximately 86 and 88% of English residents or graduates are proficient in the language .

    - 53 and 56 % have the equivalent of a bachelor + 1 , 2 or 3

    - 30 and 35% have a master's degree or higher.

    For residents who don’t speak English, only 54% have a degree .


                Jobs :

    The government statistics are:

    - For English "native" : 71.9 % are working against 7.2 % who are unemployed. For this asset class , the most common occupations are office working or technical achievements.

    - For residents fluent in the language of Shakespeare : the United Kingdom identifies 65.4 % of employees and 9.5 % of job seekers . Most of them are working in elementary jobs (cleaning, plumbing, etc ...) and in the office.

    - For people who do not speak English, 12.3 % are unemployed, and only 48.3 % have a job. It is generally elementary jobs or service (delivery , plumbing, etc ...).


    All these figures are rather positive for England because indeed, as can be seen in the graph below, this is proof that the government has succeeded in reversing the trend after the 2008 crisis .

    However, during the study the government realizes that there is a real difference between the employment of men and women. Indeed, for English mother tongue is found that 75.5% of men were employed against 68.3% of women.

    But that is not going to be as arranging for residents fluent in English because the difference is 14%.

    However, it is for residents who do not speak the language that the figures are more alarming. Indeed, the percentage of employed men is twice as high as in women.



    Do English people need also, such as France and the United States, to review the position of women in the workplace?

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  • In Porstmouth, there are 5 places where you must go !

    Firstly it has large grass spaces along the coast. It is a place where once there was the first sunbeams, residents and others like to gather to read a book, play football, play music, etc. ... It is a place of conviviality and where you can enjoy the sun of Great Britain (and yes there is! ...)


    5 places where you must go :


    Just in front, there is Clarence Peir, a place where you will return to your child years thanks to the many carnival games like this Roller-Coaster at the water's edge. But also where you can easily eat a good Fish & Chips facing the Whight Island and many boats leaving the port of Portsmouth.

    5 places where you must go :

    Then there is "Gunwharf Quays-". This is a large commercial area without roof. It is full of stores like Levi's, Nike, Diesel, Fossil, etc. ... all are outlet and so convenient for best buy. More above the shops, you will find many restaurants, a cinema, bowling and many other interesting things.

    5 places where you must go :

    Finally, how can you miss the superb Spinnaker Tower. 170m high it was inaugurated in 2005 and has become the symbol of the city. (On a clear day it can see more than 40km radius).


    5 places where you must go :


    Obviously, how to get an intern in Portsmouth without going to a party and meet other students! I recommend a PUB called "the union" is a bar for students, where the atmosphere is very nice, there is all the time a lot of people (young local students or Erasmus) and it is an experience to do to make party with English people!

    5 places where you must go :



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  • Margaret Thatcher is an emblematic figure of the english policy.

    Daughter of a modest family she was working first as chemist before to be barrister and after she was elected member or parliament.

    She became the first woman to lead a major political party in the United Kingdom. It was the conservative party. She was also prime minister and she was re-elected third times. She made the longest mandate without interruption since the XIX century.

    She was elected on a difficult moment for England, but she succeed to redress the economy by instituting drastic reforms. Conservative, her career will be marked by lower direct taxes, controlling inflation and public deficit, opposition to the USSR and the defense of free trade in the European Community and other positive actions. However, some of her actions will be judged as negative. Indeed, higher unemployment, higher inequality and higher indirect taxes tarnish her image.


    Margaret Thatcher is one of the most admired political figure but also one of the most hated English. She even earn the nickname "Iron Lady" symbolizing her firmness and conservatism bringing a revolution in the English government.


     Une figure emblématique du pays : Margaret Thatcher :

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  • Unfortunately, if I’m in Portsmouth during 3 months it was not for holidays... 

    I’m here to make an internship for my studies in business school. 

    I’m making it at "Golden moments", an English company which is a “smartbox” competitor. Its business is based on the gift experiences selling.  


    My internship mission :


    There are a lot of experiences (5300) in 14 different countries.  


    In this company, I’m the sales and marketing manager of the French market. (I’m alone for France and we are two for Belgium). There are my tasks : 




    Create a good customer service

    - Answer to phone call request

    - Answer to Email request

    - Answer to chat request

    Daily usage of fusion (content management system)

    - Make bookings

    - Send Email confirmation to customers

    - Send Email purchase order to suppliers

    Dealing with the Bigger customers of “Golden moments”

    - Make researchs and bookings for the “Coopervision” or “SFR” employees who won gifts.

    Improving relationship between current suppliers and maintaining of products

    - Negotiate for new contracts

    - Negotiate for new products

    - Make sure that all the experiences happened on the best way

    Improve SEO website

    - Improve Meta-keywords

    - Improve Page title tag

    - Improve Meta description

    - Improve “Landing pages”

    - Make some modifications on “Exit pages”

    Calculate prices and margins

    - Use Excel sheet which are created for that and try to find the best price for us, customers and suppliers

    Creatinc, improving and checking of promotion campaigns (e.g. Valentine’s day, …)

    - Creation of the French “Valentine’s day” campaign and the “Birthday” Campaign

    Email news-letters and set up promotions

    - Translation of the “Valentine’s day” news-letters

    Support sales team in French, Spanish or English when shortage of staff

    - Edition the one day vouchers (Paper and USB)

    Assist with dealing of B2B customers and propositions

    - Created a selection of products (530) for “Kellogs” campaigns

    - Research of information about this products (Age limit, restrictions, …)

    Work together with my colleague for Netherlands, Belgium and Italian markets

    - Help them in translations

    - Help them for their sales for activities in France

    - Ask help for French customer who want to make experiences in their countries

    - Work together on the Fusion and Google Analytics options

    Assist and train co-workers and new interns

    - Help them to understand the “Golden moments” working methods

    - Help them to use Fusion

    - Help them to make a booking




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