• And here we are! I am now back to my life in Bordeaux .

    Starting I thought 3 months in Portsmouth would be an eternity , when I leave I think that time has passed really fast !

    This course was very beneficial for me !

    - I practiced English which allowed me to greatly improve it but more importantly gain confidence in me when I speak or write in English .

    - I also learned how to manage a market by managing sales orders , service and everything that goes with it.

    - I learned how to use management software for commercial sites. This is in my opinion one of the major points of this course . E-business is now inevitable . To evolve, a company must have an online storefront . To used every day during three months software like Google Analytics , Google Adwords and other is a real highlight on my resume now .

    - I also found a lot of different cultures. Indeed, working with 14 different nationalities is not always easy . However it helps to discover new ways of thinking . All are now true friends with whom I shared many things.


    In summary it was a rewarding internship and I have absolutely no regrets !


    Now my next step is Taiwan. After a stay of five months in France for the summer I 'm going to study international trade in Taipei.



    Thank you all , Mike, Charlotte , Lucy, Francine , Matteo and all the others! See you soon in another part of the globe!

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  • During my internship at the company "Golden Moments" I had the opportunity to interview the Director of this company.


    Here is the interview :



    Me: What were your motivations to create this business?


    Paul.C : My motivations were simple , I wanted above all to create something . When I created "Golden Moments" with my brother I was in search of recognition and challenge. For me, start a business and earn a decent living from it would allow me to access a social placement that was inaccessible to me now. But the key point was above all the desire to create something.



    Me: What are your responsibilities in the company?


    Paul.C: My brother takes care of all the business part with other companies such as creating events communication, contest etc ... And I take care of everything else. I am responsible for all the marketing part , communication, website maintenance etc ...



    Me: Can you describe one of your typical week ?


    Paul.C : On Monday, I welcome the new interns and I takes in appointments all my staff (HR , Finance, etc ... ) one by one to talk about last week and provide the new .


    On Tuesday, I normally do not work , but as parton, days like this do not exist. There is always a time where I work .


    Wednesday and Thursday, I took my trainee in appointment to talk about last week and the new . During these two days I also formed some of them to use new software and implement new methods.


    On Friday, I 'm in London to work with the site manager and we manage software to always try to improve them.




    Me: What do you think about the experience gifts market today?


    Paul.C : I think this is an extremely difficult market! It is simply a miss understood one and must constantly be able to bounce back. It is a risky market in which it is very easy to lose money! However, this market , could generate a lot of money .




    Me: How do you imagine the future of this market?


    Paul.C : For me, discounters like " Groupon " and the other will disappear. A strength , people will end up being aware of the practices and will be able to recognize the real business of those which are not ! Today these companies are trying to enter the market with offers still more attractive but it will not succeed on the long term I think.



    Me: What are your suggestions for a student who would like to achieve your status?


    Paul.C : I would say that it is easy not to do it! But to me , this is a very good job. Recognition of the accomplished act is to go but instead I want to say that the risks are huge! I think the slogan should be: Persist and not to let go . In other words, we need to want it and want to fight because it is bloody hard !



    Me: What do you think are the qualities required to succeed in your job?


    Paul.C : I really think we should be: honest , patient, open-minded and flexible! These are the mains key words I guess! And also an understanding wife (laugh).




    As you can see, starting a business and lead it is not an easy job . However, the key point of Mr Paul.C is the fact remains that if you want and you are ready to fight, it could be very rewarding!

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  • To inquire about the news in Portsmouth is simple.

    There are national newspapers:


    The Daily Telegraph (national newspaper) 

    The Guardian (national newspaper) 

    The Independent (national newspaper) 

    The Times (national newspaper) 

    The Daily Mail (national newspaper) 

    The Sun (national newspaper) 

    The Daily Mirror (national newspaper) 

    The Evening Standard (national newspaper) 

    The Economist (weekly world news) 

    The Financial Times (national newspaper for international economic and financial information)


    But there is also and especially : The News. This is the daily newspaper Portsmouth. If I stop on this journal is because I think a lot of french newspapers should have look on it. Indeed, the newspaper is dedicated to the city of Portsmouth and very active on social networks like Twitter or Facebook. In addition, I do not find it very committed or inaccessible. So I find it interesting because it allows to know concretely what happens in the city every day but also to be warned in real time when an event happened, a road is closed, a agreement has been signed etc ... It allows to be really involved in the news of the city.




    To be more general on the English newspapers, I do not find it very interesting. Indeed, the newspapers here seem much more interested by "people" than by political or economical events in the country. We see constant coverage photos of this star diet or the head of a person who is part of a news item ... To give you an example, today the person who is on newspapers covers is a person who had to pay £ 2 to an urban transport company to recover his wallet that he had forgotten in a bus... 

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  • Les différences culturelles en entreprise entre France et Angleterre :

    Despite the geographical proximity of the two countries, cultural differences at work are numerous. Here is a list of the main differences that I have seen during my internship :

    Firstly, as an intern I found a strong difference in this status. In France , a trainee is a burden for the company. Trainees keep doing secondary tasks and it is approximately the only thing they can do. Here in England, a student is considered as a true employee of the company . They realize tasks which are essential and can easily give advices and participate to the strategical decisions of the company .

    Regarding to the office world in general, the most visible differences are ( in my opinion) the working methods , relations with the hierarchy and contracts.

    For working methods, the difference is simple and not necessarily troublesome . Unlike the French system , a British director is not only gives you a task to do and the result to be achieved , he also tells you which method to use to succeed. A French worker will be disturbed by the " lack of freedom " in the working method but he will also be pleasantly surprised by this sense of knowledge sharing developed between colleagues in UK companies. 

    As regards to the relationship with the hierarchy , it will also be disturbing for a French worker. In England, the relationship with your hierarchy  is much more "friendly" . Indeed, it will not be necessarily very well interpreted if you miss to ask to your supervisor how was his weekend and if he feel good. You will agree that for French is not necessarily instinctive.

    In terms of contracts with partners, the English system is much more cool! French people have the reputation of being difficult in the eyes of English. A contract is for one year and may continue for life if nobody complains . In addition , methods of drafts of a contract and agreement between the parties are much less regulated. A simple exchange of documents by email is sufficient.


    PS: (I've even seen people take a pictures of contracts with a phone to send it to a supplier for his agreement...)

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  • In Portsmouth, plans to have fun are numerous , but I have selected 5 that you must not miss!


    To go to London takes only 1:30 up to Portsmouth so a little detour in the capital is essential! This is the reason why my first two choices are in London.


    - First there is the London Dungeon: This attraction is located at the same place as the Golden eye and you will not go out without chills . The fear, horror and thrills are waiting for you ! ( a small tip at the end you have the choice between two doors ... take the front one )

     Les meilleurs plans pour sortir :

    - Then in London there is also the Harry Potter tour : The Warner Bros. studios open their doors to show us how the decorations , faces, accessories have been made . You will be able to see the glasses which were worn by Harry and many other great items that will make all the Harry Potter fans crazy!

     Les meilleurs plans pour sortir :

    - Then back to Portsmouth , as a good student I have to advise you about the night clubs ! I have two to advise for you . The first is the Liquid : This is a nightclub with a single room but this one is very large ( There are 4 bars in this room to give you an idea). The atmosphere is great, the music is not too bad and there is an average of 4 events per week .

    Then there is Astoria : This is a nightclub quite small with two small rooms but the atmosphere is good and there is constantly some people in it.



    - Finally, how to come to England and miss the Sunday Roast : This is a traditional English dish made with chicken or lamb stew with vegetables. Every Sunday , many restaurants offer this dish at a price defying any competitors , you need to try that !

    Les meilleurs plans pour sortir :

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