• End of my internship :

    And here we are! I am now back to my life in Bordeaux .

    Starting I thought 3 months in Portsmouth would be an eternity , when I leave I think that time has passed really fast !

    This course was very beneficial for me !

    - I practiced English which allowed me to greatly improve it but more importantly gain confidence in me when I speak or write in English .

    - I also learned how to manage a market by managing sales orders , service and everything that goes with it.

    - I learned how to use management software for commercial sites. This is in my opinion one of the major points of this course . E-business is now inevitable . To evolve, a company must have an online storefront . To used every day during three months software like Google Analytics , Google Adwords and other is a real highlight on my resume now .

    - I also found a lot of different cultures. Indeed, working with 14 different nationalities is not always easy . However it helps to discover new ways of thinking . All are now true friends with whom I shared many things.


    In summary it was a rewarding internship and I have absolutely no regrets !


    Now my next step is Taiwan. After a stay of five months in France for the summer I 'm going to study international trade in Taipei.



    Thank you all , Mike, Charlotte , Lucy, Francine , Matteo and all the others! See you soon in another part of the globe!

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    Mardi 13 Mai 2014 à 14:04

    coucou ,j'espère que tu vas bien chez nous il fait pas très beau il y a le soleil mais il fait plus frais,je te souhaite un très bon Mardi

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