• Director Mr Paul.C interview

    During my internship at the company "Golden Moments" I had the opportunity to interview the Director of this company.


    Here is the interview :



    Me: What were your motivations to create this business?


    Paul.C : My motivations were simple , I wanted above all to create something . When I created "Golden Moments" with my brother I was in search of recognition and challenge. For me, start a business and earn a decent living from it would allow me to access a social placement that was inaccessible to me now. But the key point was above all the desire to create something.



    Me: What are your responsibilities in the company?


    Paul.C: My brother takes care of all the business part with other companies such as creating events communication, contest etc ... And I take care of everything else. I am responsible for all the marketing part , communication, website maintenance etc ...



    Me: Can you describe one of your typical week ?


    Paul.C : On Monday, I welcome the new interns and I takes in appointments all my staff (HR , Finance, etc ... ) one by one to talk about last week and provide the new .


    On Tuesday, I normally do not work , but as parton, days like this do not exist. There is always a time where I work .


    Wednesday and Thursday, I took my trainee in appointment to talk about last week and the new . During these two days I also formed some of them to use new software and implement new methods.


    On Friday, I 'm in London to work with the site manager and we manage software to always try to improve them.




    Me: What do you think about the experience gifts market today?


    Paul.C : I think this is an extremely difficult market! It is simply a miss understood one and must constantly be able to bounce back. It is a risky market in which it is very easy to lose money! However, this market , could generate a lot of money .




    Me: How do you imagine the future of this market?


    Paul.C : For me, discounters like " Groupon " and the other will disappear. A strength , people will end up being aware of the practices and will be able to recognize the real business of those which are not ! Today these companies are trying to enter the market with offers still more attractive but it will not succeed on the long term I think.



    Me: What are your suggestions for a student who would like to achieve your status?


    Paul.C : I would say that it is easy not to do it! But to me , this is a very good job. Recognition of the accomplished act is to go but instead I want to say that the risks are huge! I think the slogan should be: Persist and not to let go . In other words, we need to want it and want to fight because it is bloody hard !



    Me: What do you think are the qualities required to succeed in your job?


    Paul.C : I really think we should be: honest , patient, open-minded and flexible! These are the mains key words I guess! And also an understanding wife (laugh).




    As you can see, starting a business and lead it is not an easy job . However, the key point of Mr Paul.C is the fact remains that if you want and you are ready to fight, it could be very rewarding!

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    Samedi 5 Avril 2014 à 02:26

    dommage toujours en anglais

    Samedi 5 Avril 2014 à 13:42



    Vous pourrez trouver la version Française de cet article dans l'onglet "version Francaise"


    Bonne visite :)

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