• Best plans to have fun :

    In Portsmouth, plans to have fun are numerous , but I have selected 5 that you must not miss!


    To go to London takes only 1:30 up to Portsmouth so a little detour in the capital is essential! This is the reason why my first two choices are in London.


    - First there is the London Dungeon: This attraction is located at the same place as the Golden eye and you will not go out without chills . The fear, horror and thrills are waiting for you ! ( a small tip at the end you have the choice between two doors ... take the front one )

     Les meilleurs plans pour sortir :

    - Then in London there is also the Harry Potter tour : The Warner Bros. studios open their doors to show us how the decorations , faces, accessories have been made . You will be able to see the glasses which were worn by Harry and many other great items that will make all the Harry Potter fans crazy!

     Les meilleurs plans pour sortir :

    - Then back to Portsmouth , as a good student I have to advise you about the night clubs ! I have two to advise for you . The first is the Liquid : This is a nightclub with a single room but this one is very large ( There are 4 bars in this room to give you an idea). The atmosphere is great, the music is not too bad and there is an average of 4 events per week .

    Then there is Astoria : This is a nightclub quite small with two small rooms but the atmosphere is good and there is constantly some people in it.



    - Finally, how to come to England and miss the Sunday Roast : This is a traditional English dish made with chicken or lamb stew with vegetables. Every Sunday , many restaurants offer this dish at a price defying any competitors , you need to try that !

    Les meilleurs plans pour sortir :

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    Mardi 25 Mars 2014 à 21:40
    Don't forget fish & chips!
    Mardi 25 Mars 2014 à 21:44


    Yes but I had a bad experience when I tried one in London so it's not my favorite english meal :)

    But yes it's a typical English dish.


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